How to protect your new permanent makeup?

Protect your eyebrows

How to protect your new permanent makeup?

The best way to protect your new eyebrows from the sun following a permanent makeup (PMU) procedure is to stay indoors, at least for the first few days.
This is not possible in all cases though and your technician is aware that clients cannot stay inside for the full healing period. When you go outside, you can protect your eyebrows, lips, eyeliner from the sun by taking the same precautionary measures you would take to protect the rest of your skin at the pool or beach.

Applying sunscreen to the entire face is a great habit to practice every day, but applying an approved SPF lotion to the eyebrow area is crucial following your PMU procedure. Check with your technician to be sure the sunscreen you plan to use will not interfere with your skin’s healing process or affect the pigment used during the procedure.

Even if you apply sunscreen to your brow area, you should also consider wearing a hat and/or sunglasses if you must go in the sun while your brow region is still very sensitive.

Protective clothing will provide another layer shielding your sensitive skin from the sun’s UV rays. Remember, that the sun’s rays can damage skin, especially after PMU, even in the winter months or on a rainy day.

You should not use artificial tanning beds after PMU until your technician gives you the okay to do so, as your skin will be extremely sensitive and the light will cause serious pigment fading.

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