Permanent Makeup & Microblading Removal with Botched Ink

Effective Removal of Unwanted Tattoo Pigments

Botched Ink is a highly effective solution for lifting, improving, and removing bad or unwanted healed tattoo pigments. Whether your cosmetic tattoo eyebrows are old, have been touched up multiple times, faded into unusual colors, or have been shaped in various ways, Botched Ink can help restore a natural look.

Comprehensive Treatment for Scarring and Pigment Removal

Our removal process also addresses scar tissue caused by heavy-handed techniques or previous laser sessions. Using the Botched Ink solution, our procedure consistently yields satisfactory results. Our trained technicians are equipped to provide not only the treatment but also advice on the number of sessions required, typically starting at three, and the amount of pigment that can be removed per session.

Skilled Technicians for Optimal Results

Removing pigment from living tissue while maintaining the integrity of the skin for future procedures is a delicate skill. Our Botched Ink technicians, Agatha possess advanced knowledge and use a removal solution that delivers the best results in the gentlest way. It is important not to rush Botched Ink or any removal treatments to ensure the best outcomes.

Emergency Botched Ink Removal

Quick Facts

  • Best Within First 48 Hours: Emergency removal is most effective within the first 48 hours of permanent makeup application.
  • Safe for Eyebrows: Saline tattoo removal is a safe option for eyebrows.
  • Pain-Free Treatments: Unlike some saline removal treatments, Botched Ink is not painful.
  • Effective After 48 Hours: Emergency removal can still be performed after 48 hours using Botched Ink.
  • Second Treatment: A follow-up removal treatment is recommended after 8 weeks.

Avoid Scarring and Redness

Rushing treatments or repeating them too soon can lead to scarring and excessive growth of blood capillaries, making future removals more challenging. Allowing adequate time between Botched Ink treatments helps remove pigment effectively while keeping the skin in good condition.

Superior Saline Removal Solution

Botched Ink stands out as a superior saline removal solution. It effectively restores a natural brow shape and removes all pigment colors, ensuring the best results for future microblading if desired.

Gentle Yet Effective

Botched Ink is a gentle yet concentrated saline solution designed to lift, improve, and remove unwanted pigment from microblading, permanent makeup, and scalp micropigmentation. Our single-use sachets have a two-year expiry from manufacture, ensuring freshness and effectiveness.

Easy and Comfortable Healing

Botched Ink treatments are designed to be gentle and minimally uncomfortable, with easy healing and consistently good results. Most clients find that 2-3 sessions are sufficient to remove tattoo ink from all skin types, often faster than other saline solutions.

Emergency Removal Within 48 Hours

For optimal results, emergency removal should be conducted before any scabbing forms. Do not attempt home removal.

Facts About Saline Emergency Removal

  • Salt and Wounds: Salt draws water to the surface, creating a wet wound before drying into a scab.
  • Quick Drying: Botched Ink dries out the skin within an hour.
  • Needling for Efficiency: Botched Ink can be gently needled into the skin using a topical anesthetic for maximum pigment removal in one session.

Emergency Removal After 48 Hours

If more than 48 hours have passed, Botched Ink’s exclusive extended emergency removal (EEER) can still help.

Post-48 Hour Emergency Treatment

  • Natural Healing: Allow the scab to naturally heal off for 5-10 days.
  • Book a Session: Schedule an emergency removal treatment with a local Botched Ink technician.
  • Safe for Delicate Skin: Botched Ink causes no inflammation or irritation, allowing continued treatment on delicate skin.

Laser Tattoo Removal Considerations

Why Laser Isn’t Ideal for Emergencies

  • Painful Process: Laser tattoo removal on fresh microblading wounds can be extremely painful.
  • Potential Scarring: The laser can cause scar tissue, complicating future removals.
  • Limited Effectiveness: Lasers struggle with brown pigments, which contain multiple colors.

We recommend starting with Botched Ink for the removal of unwanted pigments. If necessary, follow up with laser removal for any remaining black pigment. Two sessions of Botched Ink will simplify the laser removal process.


Botched Ink is your reliable solution for removing unwanted microblading and permanent makeup pigments. With trained technicians, gentle treatments, and effective results, you can trust Botched Ink to help you achieve the look you desire. For emergency or extended emergency removal, Botched Ink provides a safe and effective method, ensuring your skin remains healthy for future cosmetic procedures.


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