Permanent Makeup, Microblading can be truly amazing

Thinking about getting microblading or permanent makeup?


Dear Everyone!

When choosing your permanent-makeup artist, make sure they are fully trained, insured and licensed. Also, ask if they are doing machine and manual work as well. Choosing someone who does the only microblading, is not the best idea. This is because a microblading technique could not be suitable for your skin type.

Permanent makeup can be truly amazing if it is done properly. Unfortunately, it can be a bit of a minefield if you don’t look into who is going to carry out your procedures. It can be one of the best decisions you will ever make or one of the worst.

Because of the lack of legislation and the expense that goes into formal training in permanent makeup, sadly there are a lot of untrained people offering a substandard workaround. This is a great shame as it not only causes upset and expense to correct to the client but also damages our industry’s reputation.

These brows and lips below have been done by other ‘artists’! It is a long and expensive journey to remove and fix these jobs. If you don’t want to be in the same position, choose wisely.

Agatha K.

Here are some examples of bad semi-permanent makeups, I had to fix in the past few months


Frequently Asked Questions

Permanent Makeup, Microblading

Does it hurt?

No. Permanent makeup is not completely painless but is generally not perceived as pain. Thanks to the latest computer-controlled equipment and anaesthetic creams there is minimal discomfort. Every client is different, some will feel vibrating or scratching and some will feel nothing at all. If you want to read more about it, click here.

For who is permanent makeup suitable?

Almost everyone. Women and men who want to look great at any moment of the day, for those who need corrections, for people with allergies to regular makeup, for people who are active in sports. Permanent makeup is accepted by each population group.

How long does semi-permanent makeup last?

Semi-permanent tattoos and microblading generally last from 12 to 24 months, although depending on the individual it can last longer. From 12-15 months after your initial visit, you can visit our studio for a colour boost appointment to maintain your eyebrow shape and give the colour a boost.

Does semi-permanent makeup fade completely?

To maintain your permanent makeup, a retouch is required every 12-18 months. Very blonde pigments (used for fair eyebrows) will fade from the skin quicker and may require retouches every 6 months.

If I don’t like permanent make up, then what?

This has never happened. Before we start with the application, the shape will be drawn. Together, we choose the colour that suits you best. Only when everything is to your complete satisfaction, the pigmentation procedure will begin.

Do I have to choose the colour by myself?

No. I followed a special training on colour theory and can give you expert advice about which colour suits you best. There is a choice from more than 50 colours for all skin types, it’s even possible to mix a custom made colour to your liking.

Can I still apply regular makeup?

Absolutely. Permanent makeup is not intended as a replacement for evening makeup, it serves in particular to accentuate. Additional makeup can always be applied for an evening out.

Can I walk in for a treatment?

Before a permanent makeup treatment, there will always be a consultation. During the consultation you can discuss with me your needs and how permanent makeup can meet them, you can specify your every wish regarding permanent makeup. Of course, sound advice is given to how the best and most beautiful results with permanent makeup can be obtained.

How long does the treatment take?

Generally, it takes about 1½ to 2 hours, including the consultation, drawing the shape, colour choice and pigmentation procedure.

Is there any special aftercare?

Basically, after the application of permanent makeup, there is no special aftercare needed. To ensure that your permanent makeup will be optimal, I will give you guidelines for aftercare during the healing of the skin, and I will send a form about it.

Is the result immediately visible?

No. In the first week, the pigmentation is significantly darker than the final result. Within the first week of healing the intensity of the colour will become about 40% softer. Due to the natural cell renewal, the result of pigmentation will be visible after a period of approximately 3 to 5 weeks.

Is permanent makeup safe?

Yes. We work only under the strict rules of the Health Authorities. For every treatment, a new sterile needle is used which will be destroyed immediately after the treatment.

For the amount, I spend on permanent makeup I can buy a lot of pencils!

Indeed. However, every morning is there a makeup artist who is styling your eyebrows, drawing a crisp eyeliner for you or correcting the shape of your lips? Does this makeup artist also accompany you on holiday to quickly redo your makeup as you step out of the ocean or the swimming pool? It is not just the line or contour, it comes to overall convenience that you will experience every day for years.

Is permanent makeup the same as a tattoo?

The principle is similar to each other. With both procedures, the pigment is placed into the skin with needles, but that is the only similarity. The equipment as well as the composition of the pigments, and the techniques is completely different.

Can you make a temporary tattoo with permanent makeup?

Temporary tattoos do not exist. Permanent makeup pigments fade because they are deposited less deeply into the skin and the compositions of the pigments are different. When faded, the remains of the Pigments are hardly visible anymore between lashes or along the lip line. However, total disappearance does not happen.

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