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Located in Beeston, Nottingham, Agatha K. specializes in micropigmentation, microblading, skincare, permanent makeup, and other innovative beauty services.

Agatha is a premier provider of high-quality scalp micropigmentation (hair tattoo), semi-permanent makeup and medical tattooing procedures. Agatha approaches each client with the sensitivity of an artist.

In total, she has 16 years of experience in the beauty industry.


Permanent Eyebrows Using the successful hair stroke method along with a hand help applicator allows Agatha achieving a natural-looking permanent makeup eyebrow that will enhance the appearance of the face entirely.

Permanent Eyeliner The eyeliner permanent makeup procedure is synonymous with an eyelash enhancement. By depositing small ink droplets between the lash line, Agatha intensifies the darkness of the eyelash, creating that desirable eyeliner look.

Full Lip Attain a more dewy, sensual full lip appearance with permanent lipstick/lip stain. This procedure involves the proper selection of organic pigments which are then applied to the surface of the lips in their entirety, followed by strokes of definition to achieve the most natural-looking fullness.

Scar Camouflage Depositing precisely selected pigments to overlay discoloured skin is a broad and general overview of Agatha’s scar camouflage procedure. This treatment demands serious expertise and artistic sensibility, something Agatha K. can ensure.

Areola Pigmentation This procedure involves the creation of 3d nipple-areola complex with the use of micro-pigmentation technology. This treatment is highly desirable for those recovering breast cancer, claiming this is a non-invasive and painless alternative to procedures such as nipple reconstruction or skin-grafting.

Hair Micropigmentation The hair micropigmentation procedure (Cosmetic Hair Follicle Replication) imitates the appearance of hair follicles. Using technology similar to that of permanent makeup, hair micropigmentation creates the appearance of a full head of hair and beyond.








Agatha Kovacs
Permanent Makeup/medical tattoo artist


’Leading Specialist in Premier Semi-Permanent Makeup Award 2019’ Winner