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There are some other types of medical tattoos, here’s a quick overview:


  • A medical tattoo can show allergic reactions or illnesses of the people that have one. The tattoo serves as a warning that a person is dealing with a chronic disease, which indicates treatment by a specialist must be provided quickly should the disease come on suddenly.
  • Medical tattoos can also be helpful in radiotherapy. By marking points on the body with small tattoos the radiotherapist can adjust the beam properly, thus minimizing damage to any surrounding tissue.
  • There is also something known as a blood group tattoo, which has the person’s blood type tattooed on them.
  • Permanent makeup helps people with alopecia (hair loss) by tattooing eyebrows for example.


Medical Alert Tattoos

A medical alert tattoo is quite different from a scar tattoo. People dealing with a serious medical condition, such as diabetes can have a tattoo showing that they are a diabetic, thus meaning a higher likelihood of getting help should they fall under attack and not be able to communicate their problem verbally.

Alert medical tattoos offer a permanent solution as compared to medical alert bracelets. Bracelets have been known to break, and that not only means waiting for a new bracelet, but usually having to spend more money to get a replacement as well. With the consent of their parents, these medical tattoos have even been known to be a solution for children dealing with these kinds of diseases.

People experiencing allergies that can lead to major complications may also consider medical alert tattoos. People who have peanut allergy for example, can benefit from this type of tattoo in the event they eat something that has peanuts in it without their knowledge. This can result in something called anaphylaxis, which is a condition that requires immediate attention and treatment.


Caduceus (Medical Symbol) Tattoos

Some people, usually working in the medical field, have tattoos of the caduceus symbol because they think it’s a medical symbol. There are a variety of ways in which the caduceus symbol is interpreted. Typically, a short herald’s staff is entwined by two serpents in a double helix form, sometimes surrounded by wings. Sometimes the staff is replaced by a sword or cross with one or two serpents.

However, the caduceus symbol has been greatly confused with the “Rod of Asclepius“, which has only 1 snake and no wings. This is the true traditional medical symbol.


Medical Tattoos for Alopecia

In case of alopecia (hair loss), tattoos can be a great help. It can apply to hair loss in general, however, such as the loss of someone’s eyebrows. Using permanent makeup to form an eyebrow tattoo can help the person look normal again, as these medical tattoos can be be made to look as natural as normal eyebrows.

medical tattoo
medical tattoo

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