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At Agatha K. Micropigmentation, we custom fit your brows, lips, eyeliner to your unique style. Our services are tailored to your face shape and skin type.




Permanent makeup and microblading services are chosen for their natural elegance and effortless beauty by women in the UK and around the world. These micropigmentation techniques assure a time-saving solution for females on the go. They also supply ease of application for those who do not like to apply makeup. Permanent cosmetics promises long-awaited liberation to allergy sufferers, contact lens wearers and women who exercise or have Alopecia.

Permanent makeup has many other benefits aside from eyebrow, eye and lip treatments. It is often used in conjunction with reconstructive surgery to enhance the results. Unsightly scars can be removed or hidden. Through the use of permanent cosmetics, post-mastectomy breasts can be made to look completely natural again with areola recreation. Special techniques can even be used to simulate hair extending receding hairlines and masking bald spots.

In addition to eyebrows, the shape and color of lips can be improved by choosing a permanent lip tint also knows as a permanent lip colour treatment.

More expression can be added to the eye area with our permanent eyeliner procedure.

Our eyelash enhancement procedure creates the look of a full and lush lash base.

Permanent makeup has endless possibilities and always appears natural.

The bottom line is, permanent makeup and microblading, make life just a little bit easier, for women and men alike!

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